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About CF


Our Mission

The goal of the Culinary Federation is to unite chefs and cooks across Canada in a common dedication to professional excellence. The Culinary Federation (CF) was founded in 1963 and incorporated in Ottawa as a non-profit association in 1972. Since its inception, the federation has enjoyed a deep and long-standing tradition as Canada's true representation of the professional chef and cook.

Throughout its history as Canada's largest federally chartered professional chefs' organization, the name of the federation has undergone several changes to recognize the chef's continually changing role in the kitchen and education. From 1963-1982 the organization was called the Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine. When the importance and role of the professional cook was recognized, the name was changed to Canadian Federation of Chefs & Cooks. In 2003, when “inclusion” was the buzzword, it became necessary to recognize other competencies in culinary arts without forsaking the basic food preparation skills of a qualified cook, baker or pastry cook.

Membership in the Culinary Federation is available to any and all persons who actively seek and involve their career paths as a Cook Apprentice, Journeyman Cook, Professional Chef/Cook or Culinary Professional.

The Federation is a federally chartered, not for profit organization, and is managed by a member elected board of directors. Its membership is derived from Regional and City Branches who maintain their affiliation with the CF by way of the charter and acceptance of National Bylaws.

The business of the CF is presented at recognized annual conferences open to all members, invited guests and persons or organizations associated with the hospitality industry.

Past Presidents

Founding Fathers

The delegates of the first meeting of the Canadian Federation of Chefs, April 22-23, 1963.
Back row: Henry Bachman, Anthony Casagrande, Andre Pittit, Stuart McLeod, Nick Marchak, Peter Ferenczy, Marcel Hemery, Xaviar Hietzman. Middle row: Lynn McLeod, Einar Neilson, Valentino Alsoisio, Bert Bouwmeester, Fred Kovacs, Henry Duguay, Art Munger, Bill Schmidts. Bottom row: Martin Elgeti, Don Cutler, Angelo Casagrande, Bill Walsh,Norm Gibeault. Not pictured: John Latham, Jack Sawchuk, Don Campbell, Joe Lentz, Walliy Shew. Monday, April 22nd, 1963. Breakfast Host Macdonald Hotel. M.W. Elgeti in Chair, with the following members present:

Founding Fathers

Moved by Angelo Casagrande, seconded by W. Shaw and carried, that Mr. S. E. Chambers, General Manager of CNR Hotels, and Mr. R. A. Mackie, General Manager of CPR Hotels Limited, be made Honorary Charter Life Members of the Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine.

After considerable discussion regarding expenses and payment thereof, it was moved by Mr. W. Shaw, seconded by Mr, T. Aloisio and carried, that the Convention expenses be defrayed on a per capita basis.

Moved by Mr. H. Doguet, seconded by Mr, H. Bachman and carried, that $10.00 be paid by every delegate attending this Convention to defray expenses.

It was further moved by Mr. X. Hetzman, seconded by Mr. W, Shaw and carried, that it be incorporated in the Constitution that an initiation fee of $5.00 be charged each member joining the Federation.

At present membership in the various local associations is as follows:

Winnipeg 21, Vancouver 32, Edmonton 20, lone members 3 - a total of 76.

Regarding the next Convention, Mr. D. Cutler presented an invitation from the Winnipeg Association that they host the next Convention of The Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine. It was agreed that the next convention be held in Winnipeg on or after April 15th, 1964, the setting of the exact date to be left to the Winnipeg Association.

Moved by Tony Casagrande, seconded by Andre Pittet and carried, that The Canadian Restaurant Association, the Hotel Association, and the Innkeepers Association be honorary members of the Federation.

The newly elected Secretary is to be instructed to send letters to the Hotel Association, Restaurant Association and Innkeepers Association advising that The Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine has been formed and suggesting that if we can be of any assistance to them to call on us.

On Motion of Henry Bachman, seconded by Henry Doquet and carried, the following is to be accepted as the Code of Ethics of members of this Federation:

"I hereby embrace this code of ethics as laid down by this association and I certify that I will supervise to the best of my ability the following traditional duties of the Executive Chef: Co-operation with Management, kitchen and serving staff; food cost control; menus planning; payroll control; public relations with staff and management; research of new dishes and equipment; inventory and buying; complete sanitation and upgrading of kitchen staff; and above all, to supervise the serving of palate-pleasing and attractive dishes and generally uphold the dignity of my profession and The Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine. I shall place honor and the standing of our profession before personal advantage. I shall not use unfair means to effect any professional advancement or to injure the chance of another colleague to secure or hold employment."

With reference to a National crest, it was moved by Mr, X. Hetzman, seconded by Mr. W. Shaw, and carried, that the new crest will be as the crest of the Winnipeg Association and that it be on a background of a Maple Leaf, and that an artist be asked to submit a design of such crest for the approval of the Executive.

It was suggested that each local Association have a design of their own for lapel pins and that each association submit their design to the Federation Secretary from which a national design will be chosen at the next convention,

It was agreed that all members who joined the Federation at its inception be Charter Members.

It was agreed that uniform membership cards be printed for members of the Federation. New cards will be issued each year to members in good standing – each year cards will be of a different color.

It was agreed that each Association send in written reports monthly to inform the National Executive Board of their month's activities.

Mr. Dan Campbell, in speaking of the use of the crest, suggested that all hotels and people who employ Chefs de Cuisine should be required and encouraged to use the crest in their front windows, on menus, stationery, literature, and on advertising in national and international publications. This is most important from the viewpoint of tourism as a prestige symbol. He also suggested that Provincial Governments should be encouraged to print the crest in their Tourist Guides denoting places to eat.

Mr. M. Elgeti suggested that this information be passed on to all local committees to act on as they see fit.


National Executive


National President

Ryan Marquis



National Secretary

Peter Keith



National Treasurer




VP Eastern Region

Irwin G. MacKinnon



VP Central Region

Adelina Sisti-DeBlasis



VP Western Region

Jeremy G. Luypen



Independent Board Member

Glenda Taylor


Independent Board Member

Steve Harding


Canadian Culinary Institute

Steven Benns


Young Chef Representatives


Young Chef Board Rep, Eastern Region

Kevin Donoghue



Young Chef Board Rep, Central Region

Rebecca van Bommel



Young Chef Board Rep, Western Region

Andrea L. Robichaud


National Committee Chairs/Managers



Lesley Stav



Finance Committee Chair

Ronald St-Pierre




Jeremy G. Luypen




Debbie Clauss



Honour Society Chair

Claude Buzon